T-Mobile and EDGE = Slow

I picked up a T-Mobile MDA while on vacation. The place we were staying didn’t have internet access. Or, to be more accurate, they had wifi access, it just wasn’t strong enough to reach the suite I was staying in. So I got a T-Mobile data plan using their edge service. I was hoping to use this service along with my nokia 770 to stay in touch with friends back home and keep up with work email so it wouldn’t be so overwhelming when I returned to the office.
The first issue was with the nokia 770. It paired up and worked exactly once. Since then it hasn’t successfully connected to the internet via the MDA. OK, I can use the MDA’s browser in a pinch, except that the mobile internet explorer is possibly the worst browser in existence. It locks the pages to a certain width so you end up scrolling forever and usually it doesn’t show the field you need to get logged in or download the app you want. Also the MDA itself is terribly slow. I’m constantly tapping icons at least twice before applications actually open. All in all a bad experience and I will be canceling the service today at lunch.
I figure next time I need internet access I’ll go to a cafe and sign up for whatever hot spot service they may be using.

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