Project Green, Day 2: Rainbow Sandals

OK, just a quickie today. Rainbow sandals claim to be environmentally sound due to the fact that they last so long. Since they are so long lived, they cut down on trash in landfills, etc. Sure, why not? They have a lifetime warranty, are handmade, have a no sweatshop policy, and come with a free wax comb for all the surfers out there.

Pick them up at any surf shop or outdoor/beach/hiking style stores.

To be fair, since rainbow proved that you can sell high dollar long lasting flip flops many brands have started popping up, including Reef and Teva. From what I can tell, Rainbow was the first.

*edit 04/09/2013 to strikethrough some text that is no longer found on their homepage.

3 thoughts on “Project Green, Day 2: Rainbow Sandals

  1. You are 100% incorrect, since 2001 Rainbow Sandals started to manufacture IN CHINA!! Over 3,000 people live and toiled in the factory that makes them as of up to 6 years ago! By now that number has probably doubled..they maintain a small “public” staff at the location in San Clemente, california..but infact at least 90% of their products are made in a Chinese Sweatshop…true story ask the locals

    • Well Jerry, I’m glad you felt the need to comment on a post over 6 years old with an issue that you state started “as of up to 6 years ago!”. Also note I never mention where Rainbow Sandals are made. I did a little research and could not find anything that would back up your statement. If you would like to provide a source to corroborate your allegation about sweatshops I will be glad to remove the line about them having a “no sweatshop policy”

      Also note that regardless of where or how they are made, my point still stands that they are long lasting, meaning they don’t end up in landfills as quickly as many cheaper brands which makes them a better choice for the environment. I am still wearing the same pair I had when I wrote this post after all… nearly 7 years later.

      • Thanks Adam, I still love my American made Rainbows and wear them all of the time. Since 2001 they had started production in China to keep up with the demand. It is nearly impossible to wear or buy anything not made in China for a while, I was just trying to shed light on something I know to be true..i have several friends who have worked at the san clemente outlet and when i lived there you could see the container trucks delivering the chinese sandals on a daily basis. i had seen some pictures of the factory in china and at that time ( 6 years ago) over 3000 people lived and worked was like a small village. I have pictures of the sandals individually wrapped in plastic bags ( huge enviro waste) as they are unpacked from the boxes the containers bring them over in. I guess it might be better though than when they imported the malaysian rubber and the rubber sheets came packed in giant crates of hardwood from the malaysian rainforest.
        I still have several pair of those American made ones and many of my friends just love them…it’s true they do last much longer than your average junky pair

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