Project Green, Day 4: Recycling

I missed a day!  I was waiting for something in the mail and when it didn’t come in… I was just too let down to write up a post.  Sorry everyone.

Today is short and sweet, hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have the package I’m waiting for and I’ll be able to write up the last segment.  A day late, but better than not doing it at all.


That was going to be the last segment in my project green.  It’s easy, often overlooked, and as far as I can tell from personal experience, not many people do it.  The big media spotlight is on oil, global warming, and the energy crisis, so a lot of times the good old standby of recycling gets overlooked.  It’s easy, it only costs a little of your time, and in some cases you get paid for recycling your items.  So why not do it?
Here’s some quick numbers on recycling gotten from wikipedia.

Aluminum: “Recycling one kilogram of aluminium saves up to 8 kilograms of bauxite, four kilograms of chemical products and 14 kilowatt hours of electricity.”
Paper: “A ton of paper from recycled material conserves about 7,000 gallons of water, 17-31 trees, 60 lb of air pollutants and 4,000 KWh of electricity.”

And just like the CFL bulb, the less electricity used, the fewer polutants the power company spews into the air making that electricity.

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