The Killers, Sam’s Town

I’ve got a long drive to work. So long that I was able to give the new Killers album a listen on the way in this morning. My first impression is that it is an ok album. From the first song you can tell it’s The Killers, but it’s easily not as good as the first album. The songs are slower and there aren’t many that stand out from the rest. The albums first track immediately brought to mind The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper, with its little “welcome to town, if just for a day” message. The the album goes downhill for a while with some slower, forgettable songs. It picks up in the middle with a couple of decent tracks like “Uncle Jonny” and “Bones” but then slows down even more than the opening tracks with “Why do I keep counting”.

I’m going to end by saying that this is a first impression, I’ve only listened to the album once through, but at this point it’s a perfect match for the old standby line – It’s a decent Killers album, but it won’t win them any new fans.

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