Flying Stingrays?

A few of us went surfing yesterday after work.  I’m still trying to get my timing down right as well as my position on the board.  It seems like if I’m not paddling my butt off only to end up having the wave dissapear, I’m catching it and either too far back and not dropping in, or too far forward and putting the nose of the board down in the dirt.
But the coolest thing about yesterday has to be this little school of medium sized stingrays that was swimming around with us.  When a good wave came in they would “surf” up under it and fly a few feet out of the water, off the top of the wave.  I’ve lived here my whole life and never even knew they would do that.  So that’s my something new for the day.  Only got a couple of pictures and none of anyone surfing.  My camera doesn’t zoom in far enough, but there’s a nice sunset pic.

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