The Lemonheads The Lemonheads: Music: The Lemonheads

Gave the new Lemonheads album a listen on the way in this morning. It’s a short album, but a pretty good one. I didn’t hear any songs I would skip past the second time around and a couple that were really good. The opener “Black Gown” was very good, if too short. “No Backbone” sounds a little like an old Lemonheads song with J. Mascis on lead guitar, which turns out to be a very good combination. Everything is a little harder than I remember the Lemonheads being, with more distorted guitar and even some feedback heard here and there, and overall I didn’t think this album really sounded much like the Lemonheads that I remember with the exception of one or two songs. What it does sound like is some darn good pop-punk. I’m glad I picked this one up.

edit:  I didn’t let myself read anything about this album until I had written up my first impressions.  Now that’s done I’ve looked around a bit and it IS J. Mascis playing lead guitar on a Lemonheads song.   So that would explain why it sounds like that.  🙂

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