Sick Xbox360

Flickr: Photos from Adam Brinson

As you can see above, my xbox360 is doing some bad things right now.  Honestly, it’s acting just like a computer with a bad cpu fan, so I may try picking up one of those intercooler things and see if that helps.  Even if it is a heat issue, that would still mean that there was a hardware failure somewhere.  Because the console has been in the same spot since I bought it almost a year ago with no problems until now.  So I think a fan has died.  This, along with the laptap crash recently makes me wonder what’s next?  These things happen in threes, right?

Oh, and remember how microsoft agreed to fix xbox360’s manufactured in 2005 for free?  Want to guess when mine was built?  I’ll put it in the comments so that I don’t spoil the fun for you.  🙂

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