Resistance Fall of Man early impressions

I’ve spent some time with the PS3. The only game I picked up was Resistance, which at first comes off sort of like a Duke Nukem ripoff, having great production quality but with no weight or atmosphere to the game. After a couple of hours of single player it really picks up and starts doing some very neat things. Large battles with lots of AI on both sides all going crazy, throwing grenades and shooting each other with no slow down. So things are looking up, plus the difficulty really starts to ramp up once you get deeper into the single player. Multiplayer on the other hand had me from the first minute. Absolutely kicks butt with 40 players on a map at a time, persistent online characters (like R6: Vegas) and plenty of game types. In multiplayer the weightless, fast pace is a good thing, making the gameplay even more frantic than normal.

I’ve got quite a few thoughts on the PS3 itself I’ll put together and post up later. Sony’s had a lot of mis-steps with this one, but for every couple of things they did wrong they got a couple of things right. We’ll see how they add up next post.

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