A.J. Croce "Adrian James Croce”

Amazon.com: Adrian James Croce: Music: A.J. Croce

When I decided to write up certain albums on my blog I was going to do it right after the first listen while the songs were still fresh in my head and I hadn’t had time to really digest them and compare to other albums I may have liked in the past.  Just a quick first impression, then maybe if an album grew on me or if I took it out of rotation because I couldn’t stand it, I would go back and update the post saying so.

I’m now sort of wishing I hadn’t made that little “rule” for myself, because on first listen A.J. Croce comes off as by the numbers adult contemporary.  Now I’ll come right out and say that I’m not even sure what adult contemporary is, but I imagine it’s boring pop or rock and roll, so  that’s what I’m calling this.  It’s very well made and produced, and boring.  Several times I had to remind myself not to skip a song because this was a new album and I wanted to write it up. 

The problem arises when I realise this could be something I may like at some point, if I were in the mood for easy, medium to slow tempo music.  And this morning it wasn’t doing it for me.  I don’t like saying anything too bad about someone who’s so obviously put a lot of effort into something like this.  Something that I’d never be able to even come close to duplicating if I were to try.  So I’m going to say it reminds me of another artist I picked up with high hopes and ended up being bored with, who I’ve also lumped into my own personal “Adult Contemporary”, who made really nice songs with nothing wrong with them aside from boring me near to death… Julian Lennon.  Which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just not good either.

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