Westinghouse 42W2 LCD 1080p Monitor

I decided to go HD after buying my PS3 late last year. After much research I ended up buying a 42″ 1080p monitor from Westinghouse.

First off, everything you ever wanted to know, and some stuff you’d probably rather not know about this monitor (it’s technically not a TV because it doesn’t have a tuner built in) can be found in this thread over at the avsforum site. If you don’t feel like reading over 200 pages of posts, I’ll try and sum it up.

Westinghouse is a value brand, so they cut corners here and there. An example would be quality control. There seem to be a large number of these monitors with banding issues (vertical bands of color that are not lit evenly) and dead pixels. These monitors also have issues with the PS3, notably “sparkling” when displaying 1080p through the HDMI port. Luckily this television has two DVI ports, one which works flawlessly with the PS3 at 1080p. The good news is that, once setup properly, this monitor has excellent picture quality, often rivaling that of sets which cost twice as much, and often these more expensive sets don’t have as many inputs as the Westinghouse.

As a consumer, I took a look at all the bad, good, and otherwise, regarding this monitor and decided that for the most part, I could deal with some bugs in exchange for the excellent value I would be getting.  It also helps your peace of mind if you have a vehicle that the new tv or monitor will fit into so you can easily bring it back to the store.

My experience with the Westinghouse has been very good.  I was lucky and got one with no dead pixels, minimal banding (it’s only noticeable on certain panning scenes with solid color backgrounds) and the HDMI input even works well with the PS3!  There is noticeable sparkling only on still images after the sets been on for more than an hour or so.  If I had to do it again I would make the same purchase.  Just keep in mind, if you aren’t as easy going about some of its drawbacks you may want to look into the Sony Bravia line.  They have a 40″ 1080p set but you’ll pay a $500 premium for it and lose a tiny bit of screen size.

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