What I learned when buying my HDTV

First off, do your homework!  Read everything you can find on the models you are considering for purchase.  Reviews, forum posts, manufacturers websites.  Keep in mind that most forum posts will be people looking for fixes for things they aren’t happy about, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see people gushing about how they love a certain product.  It’s good to know what people aren’t happy with.

Second, don’t judge an HDTV by it’s display model in the store.  When shopping for my monitor, the model BestBuy had on display was displaying a standard definition feed while the models next to it had HD content.  I don’t know why it was setup this way, but it made the Westinghouse look plain awful.  Absolutely horrible picture quality in store.  At home with the proper hook ups and HD source?  Amazing.

Finally, don’t be afraid to return the item.  You’re paying a lot of money for something that hopefully will last several years.  If you aren’t happy with it absolutely take it back.  I would recommend sticking with a model that will fit in a vehicle you own, or in a pinch, a vehicle that can easily be borrowed.  It’s a huge weight off my shoulders knowing that if I hadn’t been happy with my purchase, I wouldn’t have to jump through hoops getting a moving crew and a huge rental truck just to take my purchase back to the store.

There you have it.  3 quick and easy tips on buying a new HDTV set.

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