Logitech PS3 Cordless Mediaboard works with PCs

I’ve been looking for a decent wireless keyboard with a built in touchpad to use with my Media Center PC for a while now and I just thought I’d let everyone know that there is a good alternative to the $200 diNovo, it even comes from the same company, Logitech. It’s sold as a PS3 accessory and as such it was in the games aisle with all the other PS3 goodies. It has a standard, square touchpad that would look right at home on any laptop along with an on/off switch. To save batteries, I guess. There is no numberpad. The good news is that it comes with a standard wireless USB dongle and works perfectly with my MCE PC. So no more goofy mouse-on-the-couch and big-ass full size keyboard sitting on the coffee table. Best of all? It’s less than half the price of the diNovo at right around $80.

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