T-Mobile Dash, personal area network

I’ve recently had to start utilizing the broadband features of my cellphone pretty extensively.  It’s still pretty slow, especially when using the phone to browse.  For some reason, when using it as a modem for a regular PC it seems to speed up pretty drastically.  So it seems part of the blame for the seemingly slow data connection can be laid at the feet of Windows Mobile Internet Explorer.

Anyway, the main reason for this post is that I’ve discovered when using USB to share the internet connection on the phone you cannot receive calls.  This kills the usefulness of that function if you need to download anything or browse for more than a few minutes.  The simple workaround is to use Bluetooth Personal Area Networking to share the data connection.  Even if plugged in to keep the battery alive you’ll still be able to receive calls.

I  had a hard time finding that information on the web when I was trying to decide whether or not to buy a bluetooth adapter.  So I’m putting it out here for anyone that wants to know.  T-Mobile Dash Internet Sharing via USB = no incoming calls.  T-Mobile Dash Internet Sharing via Bluetooth = incoming calls work great, but may disrupt your data stream.

I’d rather get my calls and have to restart a download than miss that important conversation with the boss or potential client.  After all, what download manager doesn’t allow resuming nowadays?

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