Free Antivirus applications

I think I probably touched on this when talking about rebuilding my laptop, but I recently had a friend ask me about good, free antivirus programs. Here’s my email to him, it’s sparse, but the links are there and that’s what’s important.

Here’s one of the best free antivirus apps out there. It’s the one I use myself.
AVG Antivirus Just follow the download link, not the free trial ones.

For folks who like options, Avast is another good, free antivirus program.
I’ve never used Avast myself, but in every conversation regarding good free antivirus it always comes up.

A third application you probably need to be running in addition to one of the antivirus programs above is a good anti-spyware solution. This keeps things like “hi-jackers” and things that track your browsing habits and change your home page and search preferences off your system. Microsoft makes a good one called Windows Defender.

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