Dead Xbox 360 redux

My 360 I had sent in back in November of last year has died again. I naively thought that once repaired it would always and forever be fine and sold my interim 360 to a friend. This time I am much the wiser, although MS is indirectly getting money for making a faulty product. You see, I plan on buying another 360 to keep me company while this one is being repaired yet again. Only this time it will be a refurb unit from Gamestop and I plan on keeping it as a backup indefinitely. Maybe even renting it out to friends who’ve had to send in their own 360’s. I’ve already had 2 acquaintances experience the dreaded 3 red lights for themselves.

I’ve heard the rumors of low shipping resources over at Microsoft, so I’ll keep track of everything here on this page. I called them last night and they told me to expect a shipping container in 3 to 5 business days… we shall see.

One thought on “Dead Xbox 360 redux

  1. I am on my 4th console now in almost a year I had purchased a console at launch it lasted three months, took it back to gamecrazy and exchanged it for a new one, that one lasted 5 months, sent that console in to microsoft and got a refurbished unit back last month and it currently will not even turn on and when it does wouldnt you know, 3 flasing red lights like on my other consoles. Microsoft will no longer see any of my money. And to hell with windows

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