Yahoo Go 2.0 available for T-Mobile Dash

I downloaded and played with Yahoo! Go for the Dash. It’s only been available for the Dash since sometime yesterday and I gotta say the interface is very nice. Great layout with easy to read text. The downside is that it is slow. Not just slow, but sloooooow. Frequently not responding to inputs for 5 or 10 seconds. I counted. Slowly.

The whole experience is hit or miss, like the nice but slow interface. The Flickr widget is probably the best layout and easiest to navigate flickr experience I’ve had on a mobile phone. Giving quick and easy access to your contact’s photos as well as your own. The problem being when viewed full screen the photos are so compressed there’s noticeable banding and other artifacts.

I’ve only looked at the map and email sections. After about 30 minutes of the awful slow, sometimes not responsive interface I couldn’t force myself to actually try them out. I will at some point, and I’ll post up my experiences with them in the future, but my first knee jerk reaction to Yahoo! Go 2.0 on the Dash is… put it back in the oven, it’s not done yet.

*edit* That’s the problem with knee jerk reactions… this thing is in beta, so it is, in fact, still in the oven.

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