Got my Nokia Internet Tablet and T-Mobile Dash talking to each other

I had given up on getting my Dash and 770 to cooperate.  The bluetooth PAN/DUN workarounds and fixes were too much effort and honestly a little too scary for me to bother with considering I pretty much would only use the two devices together like that once a year or so.

It turns out that after giving up, an easy, cheap, simple solution presents itself.  WMWifiRouter turns your windows mobile device, in my case a T-Mobile Dash, into a wifi hotspot.  It not only works with my Nokia 770, it works with my laptop, Zune, PSP, and any other wifi enabled device.  If you don’t have a Windows Mobile device there’s JoikuSpot for some flavors of Symbian.  Of course, the symbian devices shouldn’t have any problems pairing with a Nokia Internet Tablet…

I’ve been using WMWifiRouter for the last couple of days and it works well.  It drains the battery of the  phone about like talking on it seems to and the phone gets warm, again, just like it normally does during a long conversation.  I will be using it on my upcoming vacation, where I will likely be disconnected from the net except for my phone.

These applications aren’t free, but there is a 21 day free trial with WMWifiRouter, which is plenty of time to decide whether it’s worth buying.

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