Speaking of traditional books…

In the e-reader vs traditional books debate, these would definitely fall under traditional books. Except that they’re not. Waterproof, extremely durable, and recyclable, durabooks are looking really cool. Did you know that traditional paper is only recyclable to a certain extent? Once the fibers get recycled so many times they are no longer suitable for paper products and must be disposed of. So, even though these durabooks are plastic, they make more sense in the long term than traditional paper. Because they are infinitely recyclable, some even call them upcyclable.

Neil Gaiman on Crankygeeks

The title pretty much says it all.  Neil Gaiman is a special, celebrity guest on the podcast (or netcast, or vidcast) crankygeeks.  It’s pretty cool.  They talk about Neil’s writing habits, when he does most of his writing, how much he writes, and finally get to some tech stuff in the second half of the show going over e-readers and the future of traditional paper books as well as free distribution online vs selling at a traditional storefront.