New PB guns weighed

Added a FS7 Naughty Dog and a PEV’s Ego7 to the list of guns I’ve weighed. The Ego7 is so ridiculous light I thought the scale might finally need new batteries. This makes me really curious about the SL edition Egos. Here is the post with the guns.

Paintball Gun Weights

Tonton SFT Shocker: w/ sp-srail, new designz asa, hybrid grips, cp long reg = 2.49lbs

Naughty Dogs NXT Shocker: Evil bleeding on/off asa, blackheart board, hybrid bolt guide = 2.43lbs

FS7: straight out of box, installed battery = 2.51lbs

FS7: CP trigger, q-lock feedneck, planet eclipse rail/asa, hybrid wrap grips = 2.50lbs

FS7 Naughty Dog: Shorty CP reg, sp-srail, new designz asa, CK Grips = 2.40 lbs

PM5: w/ orange bolt, sp s-rail, ndz asa, hybrid grips = 2.75lbs

PM6: stock except for cp trigger = 2.37lbs

05Ego: w/ Nexus Bolt, new Planet Eclipse non purge rail/asa, trinity locking feedneck = 2.17lbs

Ego7 PEV’s: Zick kit, stock asa, bolt, etc = 1.76lbs

2k5 Naughty Dogs Timmy: Hard shell bolt, sp s-rail, ndz asa, hybrid panel grips, cp trigger = 2.44lbs

06 Infamous Timmy: CP Directmount ASA, Kila detents = 2.34lbs

Marq7 Rapper: CP Direct mount ASA, kila detents, tadao, 4-eyes = 2.33lbs

o6 Alien Remains: sp s-rail, ndz asa = 2.06lbs

WDP Angel 06 The Gat: CP no rise feedneck, CP venting asa, tadao board = 2.56lbs

Joy Division A1: all stock = 2.15lbs

all weighings were done on the same digital scale with no barrels

Post PSP World Cup

Once again I stayed at a place that didn’t have internet connectivity.  PSP World Cup is over and I didn’t get any pics or make any updates…  Oh well.

We had an average performance, winning 2 of our 4 prelim games, but average isn’t good enough to make the cut to the quarter finals, so we went home early.

PSP World Cup

This morning I’m off to the PSP World Cup in Orlando. I’m playing D3 Xball with a new team, if there’s internet access where we’re staying I’ll try and update occasionally with some info on how things are going and maybe a pic or two.

I hope it doesn’t rain the whole time…