XBOX 360 update 2

I shipped off the busted 360 yesterday.  Microsoft claims a 2 day turn around from the time they receive it.  It’s costing me $139.90 plus shipping to get it fixed, which sucks.  The good news is that there is a new 90 day warranty on it after the repairs.

The agent I spoke to on the phone was very nice and profesional.  Patient too, as my Skype seemed to be acting up a bit, he kept saying we had a bad connection, although I could hear him fine.

XBOX 360 update

Microsoft got back to me withing 48 hours of my email to the support group. They basically said to call the phone line. Which was not much help, but at least they responded. I’ve put off the call for a while, mainly because I’ll be out of town next week and need to save money for the trip.

I’ll post more about what the trip is about another time.

Xbox360 intercooler effect

I’m sure it is a heat issue.  My xbox360 still freezes up, but with the intercooler installed it will play much longer than without.  Without the intercooler the 360 dies within 5 minutes of startup, with it installed it will work for about 15 minutes before the freeze happens.

So now I just have to wait for MS Xbox support to get back to me.  I emailed them Monday night, so last night was 24 hours and they were supposed to get back by then, but there’s the whole xbox live maintenance downtime happening right now.  So I figure they might have their hands full at the moment.

Sick Xbox360

Flickr: Photos from Adam Brinson

As you can see above, my xbox360 is doing some bad things right now.  Honestly, it’s acting just like a computer with a bad cpu fan, so I may try picking up one of those intercooler things and see if that helps.  Even if it is a heat issue, that would still mean that there was a hardware failure somewhere.  Because the console has been in the same spot since I bought it almost a year ago with no problems until now.  So I think a fan has died.  This, along with the laptap crash recently makes me wonder what’s next?  These things happen in threes, right?

Oh, and remember how microsoft agreed to fix xbox360’s manufactured in 2005 for free?  Want to guess when mine was built?  I’ll put it in the comments so that I don’t spoil the fun for you.  🙂