Paintball Gun Weights

Tonton SFT Shocker: w/ sp-srail, new designz asa, hybrid grips, cp long reg = 2.49lbs

Naughty Dogs NXT Shocker: Evil bleeding on/off asa, blackheart board, hybrid bolt guide = 2.43lbs

FS7: straight out of box, installed battery = 2.51lbs

FS7: CP trigger, q-lock feedneck, planet eclipse rail/asa, hybrid wrap grips = 2.50lbs

FS7 Naughty Dog: Shorty CP reg, sp-srail, new designz asa, CK Grips = 2.40 lbs

PM5: w/ orange bolt, sp s-rail, ndz asa, hybrid grips = 2.75lbs

PM6: stock except for cp trigger = 2.37lbs

05Ego: w/ Nexus Bolt, new Planet Eclipse non purge rail/asa, trinity locking feedneck = 2.17lbs

Ego7 PEV’s: Zick kit, stock asa, bolt, etc = 1.76lbs

2k5 Naughty Dogs Timmy: Hard shell bolt, sp s-rail, ndz asa, hybrid panel grips, cp trigger = 2.44lbs

06 Infamous Timmy: CP Directmount ASA, Kila detents = 2.34lbs

Marq7 Rapper: CP Direct mount ASA, kila detents, tadao, 4-eyes = 2.33lbs

o6 Alien Remains: sp s-rail, ndz asa = 2.06lbs

WDP Angel 06 The Gat: CP no rise feedneck, CP venting asa, tadao board = 2.56lbs

Joy Division A1: all stock = 2.15lbs

all weighings were done on the same digital scale with no barrels

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